A place of reflection and discovery through observation and interaction with the horse.
To bring awareness, integration and balance. This is the transformative power of the horse.
• To explore strength, beauty and power
• To see the world through new eyes
• To notice everything around you
• To be aware of how you present yourself to the world
• To have courage to experiment in unfamiliar situations and surroundings
• To find yourself moving differently in life
• To connect with confidence, wholeness, harmony and authenticity
• To explore boundaries with a new understanding of what respect means in a relationship
All three day retreats fulfill prerequisites for attending
Linda Kohanov's "Tao of Equus" workshops and apprenticeship programs.

Horses live in herds which are a complex, dynamic social network of relationships. They are social, interactive and have a broad sense of community. Horses have the ability to be present, communicative and affectionate, all without bringing the notion of judgment, right and wrong, bad and good to the relationship.

Our mindfulness, team building, and leadership programs build on these “horse skills” of presence and community through interaction between the horses and the teams, both individually and as a group.

“Human” participants report that their staff meetings take on a new, “authentic” tone after participating in our workshops. They are able to “hear” and be heard in a way that leads to a more productive use of resources.

Individuals report “seeing the world” through a new lense of awareness.

The team and leadership workshops build an “aware noticing” that creates, develops and strengthens each members’ gifts, to bring those gifts to build and integrate a balanced community.

Linda Kohanov’s informative books, “The Tao of Equus” and “Riding Between the Worlds”, provide the basis for this work. Vickie is an Advanced Epona Instuctor and continues to study with Linda Kohanov at the Epona Center.

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